[Principal's Office] 



Bachelor in Industrial Education, NTNU, 1970-1975 

Master in Industrial Education, NTNU, 1982-1983

Master in School Administration, NCCU, 1990-1993 

 Ph.D in Industrial Education, NTNU, 1997- 




Professional Experiences  

Homeroom teacher and internship facilitator for 5 years in Provincial Hai-San Industrial Vocational High School  

Chiefs of Registration Section and Curriculum and Instruction Section in Evening Department for 3 years in Provincial Hai-San I.V.H.S  

Director of Library for 5 years in Provincial Hai-San I.V.H.S  

Director of General Affairs for 3 years in National Hai-San I.V.H.S  

Director of Academic Affairs for 5 years in National Hai-San I.V.H.S 

Director of Library for 2 years in National Hai-San I.V.H.S   


Significant Missions 

1.Multiple Enrollment Formula: registration and consultative committee member 

2.Community Integration: coordination member, counselor and meritorious staff 

3.New Curricular Outlines: subject curricular core and curricular proposals examination member  

4.The Subsidiary Proposal of School Actualization Program(SAP),: draft, implementation, and exemplification  

5.Employment Proposal for Emerging Industries: fellow of evaluation group  

6.Grade 1-12 Compulsory Education: the member of the Committee of Higher Educational Examination System, Secondary Division  

7.The Reformation of the Technological and Vocational Education: employment of qualified teachers and facilities, and curricular preparation  


Awards and Accomplishments  

1.The 97’ exceptional government employee honored by Ministry of Education(MoE) 

2.The 06’ the elite of S.A.P awarded by MoE  

3.The Subsidiary Formula of S.A.P, the work of application, investigation and visit workshops  

4.The Blueprint of the Proposal of Expansion of High School Recruits and Five-year College Exam-Free Admission  

5.The outline of Features of Developmental Field in Technological and Vocational Education  

6.The evaluation project of the Employment Project of Emerging Industries  

7. The subsidiary project of the S.A.P