Message from the Principal

      Thanks to the hard work and joint efforts of previous principals, the Parents’ Association, alumni, the Education Foundation, and the teachers and students of Jui-Fang Industrial High School, the school has won numerous accolades including the “Outstanding Rank” in the Vocational School Assessment of the Ministry of Education; being named as an outstanding national vocational school; new records of exceptional performance by our students in entrance examinations; winning multiple Golden Hand Awards in industrial technique contests; having entries in the National Junior High/Elementary School Science Fair chosen for honorable mentions; receiving honorable mentions in events such as the National Energy Conservation Project Competition, National Geographic Information System (submission by vocational high school students and teachers); winning an incentive award from the Ministry of Education for outstanding achievement in In-Campus Teacher Training; setting a new record of high scores from newly enrolled students in the Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Students. All these achievements aptly reflect the fact that Jui-Fang Industrial High School is a top-class educational institution with outstanding teachers, outstanding parents and outstanding students.


      I am a firm believer that “in order to forge ahead in the future, one must carry forward the spirit of one’s predecessors”. And as such, I earnestly hope to work together with all students and parents, teachers and staff, alumni and members of the local community to support the professional development of teachers, encourage students to engage in diversified learning, fortify the school’s strengths and features, reinforce the interaction between the school and the local community in order to create a brighter future for our students and teachers while guiding Jui-Fang Industrial High School to greater heights. In order to carry forward the spirit of my predecessors to realize the goal of creating a student-centered school, I have adopted three components of “People centered; Adaptive development and Lifelong learning” to be the core of my philosophy in education. Namely:


    I. People centered: This involves upholding the people-centered spirit to facilitate the development of 

       students’ potential for self-realization. Through the promotion of holistic education and the balanced  

      cultivation of competence in domains of humanities, technology, ethics, skills, personality and social  

      skills, the school shall help students to grow and become model citizens.


   II. Adaptive development: By adopting a viewpoint that emphasizes respect for life and development of   

        students’ potential, all teachers and staff shall have equal appreciation for each and every student as we  

        endeavor to nurture students’ capacities for self-realization and successful learning in order to help them

        become adaptive talents in society.


  III. Lifelong learning: We shall enhance students’ basic competencies while strengthening their life and

        learning capacities so as to help them establish a solid foundation for continued learning and

        improvement. This will in turn consolidate students’ attitudes to sustained development and lifelong




        In order to fulfill the aforementioned philosophy of education, the school shall adopt a management model that focuses on service, consensus, learning and excellence. In other words, we shall endeavor to assemble a service-oriented team of educators (consisting of earnest and passionate teachers); reach consensus through discussion and communication; actively create a learning-oriented school that encourages learning; emphasize on the aspects of objective management and performance accountability in order to jointly pursue excellence as we manage the operation of the school with prudence (refer to Fig. 1 for the structure).


    “Equal emphasis on quality and quantity and elevating the top students and supporting the bottom performers” shall be the focus of Jui-Fang Industrial High School’s management. “Quality” refers to students’ life education and attitudes towards learning; “Quantity” refers to the rate of academic promotion and counseling for certification attainment. This means that we must first emphasize on the construction of life education and daily routines for students before focusing on the counseling of students’ academic promotion and attainment of various certifications/assessments. In order to realize this goal, we have to motivate our students to start cultivating the right habits with their daily grooming and creating a hygienic environment. It is only after we have consolidated students’ ethics and moral education that we would be able to boost their basic competencies, strengthen their practical skills, cultivate the school’s features and focus on adaptive development for students, which would in turn ensure learning quality, effective academic counseling and attainment of various certifications. It is imperative that we elevate the top students and support the bottom performers through diversified development in order to allow each and every student to bring their talents into full play (refer to Fig.2 for the structure).