Mission and Vision


             More than 80 years have passed since the founding of Jui-Fang Industrial High School . Today, the school has taken root in the northeast corner of and established an ideal environment of active learning for the convergence of talents. Ever since the Japanese Colonial Period, Jui-Fang Industrial High School has nurtured countless talents for the nation. These talents have taken part in various national infrastructure projects by contributing towards ’s economic development with the knowledge they have acquired. With the devotion of teachers and conscientious efforts from students over the years, Jui-Fang Industrial High School has witnessed significant improvement in its academic performance. Guided by the planning for the school’s overall development, we shall endeavor to realize the school’s education philosophy of “People-centered, Adaptive development and Lifelong learning”. With the vision of “ Jui-Fang Industrial High School as a vibrant institution of excellence” in mind, we shall work together to achieve the objectives of a “warm campus, refined learning, diverse adaptation and innovative excellence” for the school’s development.


          In order to fulfill the vision of a “warm campus, refined learning and innovative excellence”, the school administration shall adopt a strategy of “service, consensus, learning and excellence” in order to shape an outstanding campus that will carry forth the school’s features of “the Three Goods” (i.e. good accommodation, good food and good study environment”, “the Three Musts” (i.e. must greet others, must keep the campus clean and must be honest”, “the Three Excellences” (i.e. excel in physical fitness, excel in character building and excel in school work) and “Lifelong goals” (i.e. exercising for life, doing good deeds for life and learning for life).


         As for the school’s future development, we shall carry forth our existing traditions of excellence after becoming a municipal institution under New Taipei City effective from January 1, 2013. We shall continue to promote 12-year compulsory education while cooperating with the Ministry of Education’s policy implementations of vocational school optimization; homogeneous community for senior high and vocational schools and New Taipei City Flagship School project. As we consolidate teachers’ professional development and improve upon various teaching facilities, we shall endeavor to facilitate effective learning for students while fortifying the school’s features in order to boost our collaboration and interaction with industries. The paths of school development for Jui-Fang Industrial High School include:


1. Overall campus planning and renovation to shape a new, elegant look for the school.


            2. Provide an ideal and comprehensive learning environment that will attract junior high school students from   nearby communities.


   3. Create an exquisite educational institution for diversified learning through the construction of a development system designed  for diversified adaptation.


4. Consolidate professional development for teachers to effectively boost students’ learning efficacy.


      5. To continue with the promotion of optimization in order to further strengthen the campus features of adaptive development.