Teachers' Office

Department of Mechanical Technique
Work Focus
1. to convene department-affairs meetings regularly
2. to explore and research for instructional materials and methods
3. to integrate information and creation into class activities
4. to cultivate skilled contestants
5. to practice assistance teaching
6. to augment students’ academic accomplishments
7. to boost the rate of skill certification contests
8. to discipline students for science exhibition
9. to promote and guide the safety system of workshop
10 to carry out occupational precautions  
Developmental Features
1. to cooperate with firms propelling cooperative education program
2. to establish independent training space for skill and science exhibition practice   
Department of Drawing
In 1961, set up the Department of Advanced Drawing
In 1969, reorganized into the Department of Mechanical Drawing
In 1973, set up the Department of Mechanical Drawing at Evening Division
In 1992, replaced from Shih-Chien Building to Chin-Yi Building, forming a computer drawing class, meanwhile, establishing an Extension Education Program for Adults
In 2004, discontinued the enrollment of the program at Evening Division
In 2004, discontinued three-year program of computer drawing practical classes
In 2005, the Evaluation of Administrative Affairs examined by Central Region Office, Ministry of Education
In 2006, revived three-year program of computer drawing practical classes
In 2006 December, updated the equipment in computer graphic workshop
In 2008, implemented skill-orientated and pull-out skill classes for junior high students
Work Focus
1. to convene subject affair meetings
2. to hold the In-Service seminar for instructional materials and pedagogies
3. to integrate creation and information into instructional follow-up activities
4. to strive to outshine at skills contests
5. to assist students to acquire certifications
6. to manage workshop, materials and apparatus periodically
7. to harmonize with association of Mechanical Graphic to design after-class activity
8. to guide students’ advanced study plan and/or job hunting
Department of Electrical Engineering
The establishment of the school was located in San-Chong in 1934. In 1965, the school had progressively added Electronic Engineering. In 1987, school took place a nationwide electronic skill contestation and held nationwide electronic instructional observation. In 1995, due to the practice of the program of orientation towards occupational exploration and electronic practical skill classes in junior high schools, thus, school had experimented a curricula’s framework of division of sessions and credits. In February 2000, the school was reorganized into National Jui-Fong Industrial Vocational High School. In 1993, the school began enrolling three-year practical skill program. Afterwards, in 1995, the school has commenced 95’new curricula.
Work Focus
1. to convene department-affairs meetings regularly
2. to cultivate skilled contestants
3. to constantly improve workshop’s surroundings and apparatus for better and safe environment
4. to periodically practice the precautions
5. to coordinate with prospective of the national economic planning and development and the needs of industrial development, vigorously motivating students to qualify for 2nd and 3rd degrees of certifications
6. to expand computer-based instructional equipment, enhancing students’ ability of computer software and application
7. to encourage teachers to quality for 2nd degree of certificate, enthusiastically participate in the certifications of interior circuit and industrial circuit.
8. to urge teachers to pursue study in accredited Graduate Schools
9. to invite experts or scholars to hold conferences, expanding professional knowledge, and to encourage teachers to joint in-and-out of campus In-service
10.to solidify practical experience by coordinating with industrial circles and holding campus-off observation
11.to actively participate various contests to honor to the school
Developmental Features
1. to propel the 99’ new curricula
2. to boost students’ professional skills through acquirement of 3rd degree of certification and advancement of 2nd degree of certification.
3. to continuously assist with students’ advanced study
4. to reduce the accidents in workshop by improvement of the industrial safety and surrounding
5. to gradually update computer and instructional equipment, strengthening students’ abilities for computer application
6. to motivate students to join robot competition, our department won the gold metal in high school division of Inter-campus Cup
7. to coordinate with content of subjects, updating workshop apparatus to raise students’ practical skills
Department of Electronics Division


Electronics Division, established in 1968, fist set up branches in the second floor of shyr-jiann building location only three workshops for training and then moved to Chunhui building in 1982. Development has a total electric practice, electronic circuits, digital logic, computer disassembly, software, computer system, single-chip micro-computer, programming, computer interface control, software applications professional practice workshops, and with industrial electronics, software applications, programming, computer fitting the four functional types of qualified C test field.


Work Focus

Based on the implementation and development of electronic technology try to shorten the time of the course the students practice wrong and to try to strengthen the capacity of basic disciplines and system integration of professional training, and to counsel students with the ability to continue to postgraduate education and training of students with good citizens habits.


1. Newly acquired equipment scheduled practice teaching.

2. Continue to promote the remedial teaching, enhance the pass rate of

   the National Science and Technology University .

3. Enhance the Class B technician certification pass rate.

4. To strengthen the professional capacity of students in project work.

5. Eliminating substandard maintenance costs of old equipment and

   introducing new equipment and software practice.

6. Strengthen the control systems integration practice equipment and


7. Expansion circuit board wiring practical workshop equipment and 

   curriculum implementation.


Developmental Features  

   Train students to have skills of operating electronic devices, maintenance of electronic equipment, audio-visual equipment such as assembly and maintenance, maintenance of computer systems, digital chip design and installation of hardware and software, single-chip microcomputer hardware and software control, computer peripheral interface control, programmable control device, based on electronic communications and other technical skills.


   Implement basic curriculum and strengthen basic technical skills training by obtaining the class C licenses of software applications, industrial electronics, computer fitting, and software design. Encourage students to obtain one of the class B certifications of software applications, digital electronics, computer technology and decoration so as to elevate the professional and technical capacity. Enhance the students’system integration and assembly capabilities by producing special designs.




Department of Architecture
Since 1965, the department of Civil had been divided into the Dept. of Architecture and Civil Survey. After, due to correspond to curricula reformation, the Dept. of Architecture, Civil Survey and Architecture Drafting emerged into the group of Construction in 1986. In 2000, the school closed the Dept. of Architecture Drafting because of the social changes, thus, the department had gradually emerged into the Dept. of Architecture. In 2003, the yearly intake of students was reduced to one class because our school added the Comprehensive Department. At this time, our school recruited three-year practical skills section classes. Meanwhile, we enrolled one class of Computer Graphics and two years later, planned to open the interior design courses in Comprehensive Department. Now, besides the original Civil Engineering, we make the design courses become the point of the future development, actively strive for design-related activities and competition, off-campus teaching and in cooperating with some universities.
Work Focus
1. To convene department-affairs meeting
2. To conduct the research and In-service of instructional materials and pedagogy
3. To integrate creation and information into instructional activates
4. To cultivate skill-orientated trainers to win over the contests
5. To implement after-class instructions
6. To solidify the ability of academics and practical skills
7. To meet the instructional needs by promoting practical discipline
8. To enhance the safety system in Practical Training Factories
9. To reinforce the precaution and preparation of industrial danger, solidifying the concept of industrial safety
Developmental Features
1. To increase the classes of arts of design, and enrich the sense of aesthetics and acknowledge
2. To positively conduct design In-service and contests, and grow the students’ knowledge about the subject of design
3. To coordinate with junior high schools in local district implementing creative activities and contests
4. To assist students to explore college-related activities and acknowledge, and understand the different developments of the Architecture field by   developing the partnership with various Universities of Technology
5. To boost the professional ability by acquiring double C-Class and B-Class certifications
6. To extend the E-based instructional apparatus
7. To assist students to reach the higher education
Department of Civil Engineering
The predecessor of the school was a school of Civil Survey, Legal Foundation. Since , the school had extended the Dept. of Civil in Advanced High Level; In addition, the school suspended the Dept. of Civil, and reorganized of it into the Dept. of Architecture in due to educational reformation. The school resumed the enrollment of Civil Survey. In 74, the Dept. began to recruit girls. And, In 76, the name of the Dept. was switched to Dept. of Measuring. Furthermore, the name of Dept. of Measuring was shifted to the Dept. of Civil 
Work Focus
1. To convene department-affairs and research-base meetings
2. To conduct research, In- service and observation of creative instruction ,and to design instructional materials
3. To integrate creative thinking and information into the instructional activities
4. To integrate certifications into practical training classes
5. To cultivate skill-orientated trainer to win over the contests
6. To strengthen the practice of after-class instructions
7. To enhance the instruction of common and professional subjects and practical training
8. To promote the safety systems in Practical Training Factories
9. To reinforce the precaution and preparation of industrial danger annually, solidifying the concept of industrial safety
Development Feature
1. Based on the correspondence of industrial needs, tuition-free and exam-free enrollment policy, encouraging students to acquire verifications and to expertise in the professions
2. To discipline students based on the concept of the possession of ability to work right after graduation
3. To invite the professionals to teach practical experiences
4. To assist students to reach the higher education because of the social needs and tendency
5. To boost students’ professional ability by encouraging them to acquire double C-Class certifications (Civil Survey and Computer Application) and B-Class certification (Measuring)
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
The Dept. of Information established in 2000, because of the flourishing developments and needs of employments in information industry domestically. Moreover, in 2002, it sets up an Evening Class. In 2003, according to correspond to the establishment of Comprehensive Dept., the school enthusiastically began enrolling students in curricula of Information.
The objective of the establishment of Dept. of Information is to correspond to industrial needs, national economic development plans, and cultivation of professional technicians. Besides, accomplishments of moral integrity, cultural cultivations and the concepts of occupational morality, we instruct our students to be knowledgeable in Information Science and also, to develop the abilities of critical thinking, problem-solving and social adaption. The first term of the chief of the department was Yang-De, Lin and the incumbent chief is Sih-Liang, Chen 
Work Focus
1. To convene a department-affair meetings regularly
2. To cultivate skill-orientated trainers to win over the contests
3. To extend the Practical Training Factories
4. To reinforce the precaution and preparation of industrial danger annually, solidifying the concept of industrial safety
5. To encourage students to acquire B- and C- Class certification to meet the needs of national industrial and economical development
6. To implement the practice of after-class instructions
7. To strengthen students’ ability Of manipulation and academics
8. To conduct researches and In-service of instructional materials and pedagogies
9. To invite specialists or scholars to hold conferences, expanding professional knowledge, and to encourage teachers to joint in and out of campus In-service
10.To solidify practical experience by coordinating with industrial circles and holding campus-off observation
11.To actively participate in various contests to honor to the school
Development Feature
1. To Promote the 99’new curricula
2. To encourage students to certify the B and C Class certifications
3. To continually assist students to reach higher education, endeavoring to national universities
4. To expand the insufficient practical training factories, and to boost the efficiency of practical learning
5. To gradually renovate computer systems and E-instructional equipment, to strengthen the ability of applied information, and integrate creation and information into instruction
6. To positively encourage students to participate in info-related competitions, targeting on nationwide contests and science exhibitions
7. To coordinate with the content of school-frame subjects and to renovate the practical apparatus, boosting the competence of practical skills